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Clark Specialty Grains supplies organic and non-gmo yellow, white, red and blue corn to the food and feed industry.
Bringing producers and consumers closer together.

Clark Specialty Grains is centered over the Ogallala aquifer.  The combination of an ample water supply and a dry climate insures ideal growing conditions for quality grain.

you are what you eat, put something good in it! let us help.

Hybrid genetics, soil & water diversity, agricultural practices, grower relations, grower compliance support, identity preserve, optimum drying, OPI automated storage, gentle processing, CO2 treatments, research, logistics, consistent supply and client product understanding is how we bring growers and consumers closer together!


Commitment to excellence.

Consistent great taste says it all!

Clark Specialty Grains

The marriage between fertile land, ample water and talented farmers is the reason for the Nebraska quality advantage.

  Organically certified since 2003      Non-gmo Project       AIB 2015 score  960

The story starts and ends with the endless work of the farmers.  Without their tireless pursuit to provide the world with the safest food supply none of this would be possible.